Friday, December 12, 2008

Guilty Pleasures.....

I had a funny realization yesterday as I sat eating my Mac N Cheese spirals for dinner. I think I'm a kid trapped in a 'grownup' body. Sounds weird, but all the signs point to it.

I'll set the scene: Whenever I go to a hotel room, I jump on the bed - even if it's just once. Come on.....we all have done it. I just said it out loud.

My secret fantasy is to live in a treehouse.

I love all the bad cereals - cocoa krispies, count chocula and eating Cheerios dry without milk and I love the free toy at the bottom of the box. I have been known to grab one box over another because of the toy.

If I knew i could get away with it, I'd have a whole room dedicated to Lego's - the whole town sets and everything. Although I find that once the lego set is built, it's not as fun. The fun part for me is finding the pieces and building it. I never got into the role-playing part enjoying the town.

I love to go sledding, make forts outside, although I haven't been able to do it for a long time due to Wisconsin's lack of snow (except in Dec of 2002 & last year's 100 inches in Ktown - craziness). There's just something weird about a 37 year old getting the 'ice block' going in her yard! Lots of weird looks, I suspect.

I still love to color easter eggs but don't want to spend the money to get the kits (and I hate hard boiling them because it was always a rule at home that if I made them, then someone had to eat them, so NO EGGS!)

My coloring in coloring books is the only thing I've 'Graduated" from. Now I acrylic paint and do prismacolors and object collages on canvases.

I love watching cartoons. The Charlie Brown Christmas was on the other night and I even DVR'd it. Love the Grinch, love Rudolph, although the claymation characters were indeed a little weird and i'm still weirded out by the abominable snowman.

Swings are my best friend. When I walk during the week in the summer, I ALWAYS stop by the park and swing on the swings. Somehow, everything is better when swinging on the swings. Nothing matters, there are no worries or problems. Sad that kids don't like playing outside anymore. It's all about Xbox, Wii, TV and stuff.

I love doing cannonballs into the pool. It's boring just swimming. Admit it!

Love silly putty and PlayDough, and making snowflakes out of folded paper.

There you have it. 10 year old Rach in a 37 year old body. Hey, as long as I don't FEEL 37! Then I can stay a kid as long as I want.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Another holiday repost.....

This wish list could be universal for EVERY year....

All I want for Christmas….

I know this is a tall order for Santa, but seeing as he has ‘magical’ powers and has to deliver gifts to approximately 822 children per second to make it around the world in one night, I think he might be able to handle this simple little list.

Dear Santa baby,

1. I have tried my hardest to be a good girl this year, however, I’m sure there are many portions of my life that which I can improve. As with any wish, should you make these come true, I would be at your beck and call with goodwill for years to come.

2. No wrinkles for the next year. I already have enough, so please do your best to disguise what I have and prevent future wrinkles. In return, I will try and stress less about the small things.

3. Everlasting friendships. I have made some wonderful friends and hope to continue to stay true to them and continue our bonds into future adulthood. Let my new friends know that my intentions for advice, support and love are genuine.

4. Meaningful kisses for any occasion – friendship, love, thoughtfulness and flirtatiousness.

5. Tight hugs in times of sadness and gloom. Santa knows that these hugs are the best ingredients for contentment and healing. They have been few and far between this year.

6. Easy traffic on my morning and evening commute. Come on, use your magic!
Promotion, promotion, promotion! Bonus, bonus, bonus!

7. Contentment in the things I cannot change, like bills, global warming and euthanasia. Duh, what did you think I meant – love? Yeah, that’s probably not a realistic thing to ask for….hey, you do what you can.

8. Great conversations. There is nothing like a great mind-bending gab session about anything from politics (hopefully not – I don’t know enough to hold my own) to Roe vs. Wade (don’t get me started), the best Fall TV lineup or even an argument that the Packers are the best team in the NFL (best not to go there either – you will LOSE).

8. No gray hairs. I like my hair color. So sue me. In exchange, I will not flip anyone off in traffic for at least a year. I feel any future gray hairs will naturally stem from bad driver’s direct affect on me.

9. Bless me with music. It’s my best form of therapy that doesn’t require an EOB. Hey, Otis said it best….”Try a Little Tenderness”… cures all.

10. Everlasting love. Who doesn’t want that? It never hurts to ask.

11. Oh yeah……and world peace.

May each twinkle light that burns out each year be reminiscent of each bad piece of karma that has been expunged from my life.

Just in time for the holidays.....

This is a 'repost' from my MySpace....last year's holiday.

This is my little tree. 20 bucks on clearance from Menards. Pre-lit and folds up. It’s so easy to put up – I just transfer from my garage to my living room. Add ornaments from 1 box and voila! Instant Christmas.

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This is my stocking. I’ve had it since I was 3.

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This is my ornament I painted my favorite color when I was two (notice the 1973 date). The front doesn’t look much better. It’s comforting I have blossomed into a better artist in the last couple decades.

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This is the thimble I painted when I was about 4. Getting better, although my color scheme leads me to believe I was once a bear fan (blue and gold) BLASPHEMY! (see above on the right to my gingerbread man)

Here is my felt ornament I made in 2nd grade….Yes that’s me in the homemade red gingham dress.

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Each year, my family of girls go to the city (Chicago – where else?) and go to the kindlemart, the German market where crafts, food and atmosphere are abound and rich with heritage and made with love. I get an ornament every year. Thus, I have many ornaments and memories to match. Here are some I’ve bought.

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This is the favorite one I’ve bought.

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Here is some my sister and I made with paints and clear globes.

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