Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"Dark & Twisty" song lyrics...

This is a repost from my Myspace from early 2007....

Keep in mind these are snippets or lyrics I think are good – for all different reasons – if only one that they work perfectly in that musical rift they happen to lie in, or one note really captures the feeling of the whole lyric. Some bring back good or bad memories. Sometimes they only sound worthy in the context of the music, but it's my blog and I can put whatever the hell I want on it! J A lot of these are depressing, and make me sound all 'dark and twisty'. I guess I'm a sap for sad songs! 3 stars if you can guess some of the song titles and artists. Some are easy! Maybe my appreciation for lyrics means I was a former poet too!

Let your soul and spirit fly into the mystic.

Heal me…my darling, heal me…my darling.

I wanna be high, so high. I want to be free to know that things I do are right.

Bring the funk, funk me up, funk me down, funk my sideways, funk me always, got to bring the funk.

So come the following May, more than her appetite was getting wet.

No one's listening, not even the trees.
As I sit and watch the trees, Won't ya tell me if I scream will they bend down and listen to me. Makes me wonder if I know the words, will ya laugh at me or will I run?

I'm a stranger in my home.

But I'll see better when the smoke clears inside my head and I can listen when the screaming doesn't repeat everything I've said. All that remains is me and who I am at the end of the day and this happens everyday….

When your secret heart cannot speak so easily. Come here darling and have a little faith in me.

Watch the sun rise and fill our souls up.

Lovely lady, let me drink you, please. Won't spill a drop no, I promise you.

Would you forgive me love if I danced in your shower.
So forgive me love if I cry in your shower.
So forgive me love for the salt in your bed.

I need no soft lights to enchant me, if you'll only grant me the right to hold you every so tight and to feel in the night the nearness of you.

Hike up your skirt a little more and show the world to me.

Is no hope in you for me? No corner you could squeeze me? The space between. The tears we cry is the laughter that keeps us coming back for more…the wicked lies we tell to keep us safe from the pain. The space between. Where you smile and hide, that's where you'll find me if I get to go.

I, alone tempt you, fear is not the end of this.

Put your soul in the water and join me for a swim tonight.

I know this love is passing time, passing through like liquid. I am drunk in my desire.

Oh the quiet child awaits the day when she can break through the mold that clings like desperation.

Oh God, if you're out there, won't you hear me? I know we've never talked before….

Change my life, make it right, be my lady.

When you light those candles up there on the mantle settin the mood. I just lie there staring silently preparing to love on you. I can feel the heat from across the room, ain't it wild what a little flame can make you wanna do.

It feels like it's rainin' you. Runnin down my face, takes me to another place. I can't think of better way to drown. It feels like it's rainin' you.

When I get where I'm going, I will love and have no fear.

This is how it seems to me, life is only therapy, real expensive and no guarantee.

You set my soul free, now every word that she speaks to me is pure gold. She set my soul free. She give me love, she give me hope, she give me strength to bear my faults for you.

Just like a thirsty field, I can't complain a bit….cuz I'm thankful for every single drop I can get. His love's like rain on a tin roof, sweet song of a summertime storm, the way that it moves you. It's a melody of passion raging on…and then it's gone.

I drove all night, to get to you. Is that alright? I drove all night, crept in your room, woke you from your sleep to make love to you. Is that alright? I drove all night.

Oh, darlin, darlin, darlin' walk awhile with me…..

The dust has just begun to fall. Spin me round again and rub my eyes 'this can't be happening', when busy streets have messed with people who've stopped to hold their….hide and seek.

Oily marks appear on walls whether pleasure moments hung before they take over the sweeping insensitivities of this still life. Hide and seek.

For you…..they'll be no crying. For you……the sun will be shining cuz I feel that when I'm with you, it's alright. I know its right. And the songbirds keep singing like they know the score….and I love you, I love you, I love you, like never before.

Funny how my favorite shirt smells more like you than me, bitter traces left behind, stains that no one can see.

Let's go dance under the street lights, all the people in this world, let's come together, more than ever, I can feel it, can you feel it? Come on over, down to the corner, my sisters and my brothers, of every different color, don't you feel that sunshine? Telling you to hold tight, things will be alright, trying to get a better life… I know you want to let yourself go…..

I was feelin like a creep as I watched you asleep face down in the grass in the park in the middle of a hot afternoon. Your top was untied and I thought how nice it would be to follow the sweat down your spine.

Place your love, in my world. It's for you, it's made for you.

I can light the night up with my soul on fire. I can make the sun shine from pure desire. Let me feel that love come over me. Let me feel how strong it can be.

Like the desert, waiting for the rain, like a school kid, waiting for the spring, I'm just sitting here waiting for you to come on home and turn me on.

Hey my friend it seems your eyes are troubled. Care to share your time with me?

I'll walk half way 'round the world just to sit down by your side….troubles they may come and go, but good times, they're gold. When the road gets rocky girl, just steady as we go.

NOT A SONG LYRIC, BUT JUST A REALLY COOL LINE FROM A BOOK: "It's a beautiful thing to carry a person's tears in your pocket. Thank you." - The Doctor's Wife

2 DAYS TIL THE WEEKEND, BABY!!!!! CAN'T WAIT! (That's not a lyric, that's an original thought).

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