Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Fantasy day....can this REALLY happen??

First, the day would start out at about 50 hours long…..and the day would start counting down just before sunrise (summertime is about 5:30 or so?)….

Sunrise & my own thoughts, alone with a good book and tunes.

Fresh fruit on a patio overlooking the ocean, smells of jasmine, lily of the valley, lilacs and waves watching the sunrise emerge from sleep.

Light DMB or piano/Norah Jones/Eva Cassidy music

I would get dressed in a long thin gauzey linen fitted low back sundress, flip flops, take a walk on the beach. I'd see my neighbor, this hot guy I've always had a connection with walking towards me. We meet up and talk and walk for about an hour or so along the shoreline, stopping along the way to pick up things lost in the sand, shells & treasures. We gently hold hands and stop also for little smooches and hugs then break into a run back to our places collapsing on the sand laughing endlessly about nothing.

We part, I go to my art studio, also overlooking the ocean. It is very light with ambient sunlight, large windows open making the room smell of summer and acrylic paint, and of course, Jasmine, lily of the valley, and lilacs…..

I paint a large canvas, the largest I've done a 4 x 5' white mystery. I have an endless supply of every color imaginable and brushes that are at my every fingertip. The layout of my tools of the trade is easy to access, perfect actually as I start slathering the paint. The colors fall as ideas pour out of me and make the most beautiful painting I've ever done – it's of another Chicago skyline.

I take the painting, freshen up and go downstairs to hop into my mustang convertible, top down of course, that is magically filled with gas and buffed to a beautiful shine I can see myself in. I jam to awesomely sounding tunes floating over me. I sing and know every chorus of every song I sing. And I'm in tune!!!! I drive down the imaginary coastline that never ends, flipping a coin for rights and lefts through the countryside. I drive for what seems like ever, then stop along the way to take pictures of beautiful things – a lonely tree, a beautiful small secluded river. I park the car and hike down to the river sitting on the side of the banks with my feet resting on a rock as the water rushes over them.

I get back in the car and drive to the city. Take more pictures in the city and then go shopping with an unlimited credit card. Buy some camera stuff, art stuff, a pretty dress, every color lip gloss imaginable, some fabulously comfortable shoes, a great couple bathing suits and a great hat that actually looks GOOD on my peanut head. I drop my painting off at my gallery on Michigan Avenue ….

I get to North Ave. beach where it is a beautiful 80 degrees, small fluffy clouds overhead. The beach is bustling with all types of people. I make my way through the crowd and find a bunch of people I know. We hang out together in a large area with our Egyptian cotton towels all touching in a large circle. We have a cooler of 'Mike's Hard Berry' and Miller Lite and it's full of ice. Pizza hut is delivered. We play the music as loud as we want and all get up and dance, make out and sing at the top of our lungs. Each of us heads to the water as we feel the need, splashing and playing like we're kids. Dancing and feeling silly meeting new people! We spend several hours at the beach.

4 of us head out (me and 3 guys of course) where we walk along Michigan Avenue and stop by my gallery (still 80 degrees but it doesn't feel hot) and they buy me quaint little bouquets of flowers (daisies, lily of the valley, tulips) along the way from street vendors just because. I go in and Brett Favre is there wants to buy my painting for a million dollars and invites me to every Packer game for life. He decides he can't disappoint me so he decides to play football forever and vows to wave at me at the beginning of every game! He knows I'm his biggest fan! I gladly sell him the painting…

My friends and I all walk in arm in arm in arm in arm harmony back to our cars, laughing and telling stories. We stop for ice cream cones at Baskin Robbins - Mint Chocolate Chip - double scoop (with no calories of course).

We drive to the airport. We fly to Vegas to gamble a bit and hit the strip, just for a couple hours. [remember, time is no matter here – flying doesn't count against the time], then off to Australia to watch the Indy race on Indy's Gold Coast.

We then get a phone call from Dave Matthews & Norah Jones inviting me and all my friends to a huge outdoor concert at Red Rocks in Colorado . I get everyone on the phone and take their private jet to the concert. The electricity of the crowd makes for a fun evening. They sing all my favorite songs: Crush, Say Goodbye, Steady As We Go, Two Step, #34, Best of What's Around…..Turn Me On, What Am I to You, Long Day Is Over, Nearness of You, etc….

Most of the friends go home and one guy stays, we get back to my place and head out on bikes down the road a bit to a corner market and buy fresh filet and the sweetest corn on the cob as if it was straight from Iowa . Come back to the back patio along the beach and he makes me the most tender wonderful filet I've ever tasted in my life, lightly tasting of garlic butter and charcoal. The corn (I eat 3 ears) is slathered with butter that has no calories and lightly dusted with salt. We quietly eat on a blanket on the beach while watching the sun make it's way down slowly over the water. The pepsi is cold and fizzy. The glances are electric and the hearts race. I'm getting a buzz without the alcohol from sheer happiness of the days events.

We fall asleep kissing, touching and making love on the softest blanket on the sand as the light breeze grazes over our naked bodies. I have the most wonderful orgasms imaginable.

I feel safe, happy, content and fulfilled. I am rich, have a great beautiful huge loft overlooking the ocean with hardwood floors, high ceilings, endless windows, a surround system of music, a huge multi-tiered deck, a great studio & gallery in the city, lots of friends to hang out with, people who think I'm beautiful and fun and never want to let me go…….

Wow, if only this could happen....I guess that's why they call it a FANTASY.....

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