Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Famous list from the road....

This is a repost from my Myspace from March 2008....

Bad traffic has afforded me time to be creative. It is when I come up with my best stuff. I find myself in ‘driving trances’ – you know….where you will be concentrating on a thought (most likely) or phone call (rarely) and before you know it, you’ve embarked on your entire one hour commute home and are awoken from it the second you hit the broken concrete at the beginning of your driveway. Yes….that’s me.

I think of lists I need to make of ‘things to do’….sometimes small lists like for groceries, sometimes more in-depth lists such as ‘things to do before I die’, etc. Sometimes it’s just lists of ideas of things to talk about or phrases I like that have a good ring to them. I keep a 5x5 lined Post-It pad in my car and a pen handy in the cubby at all times. It’s become a challenge to think, drive, and write legibly to preserve the nuggets that pop into my brain at that particular moment, only to become lost forever it I don’t write em down – early onset of becoming old, I’d guess.

I do that with quotes and lines from movies that I like. OCD, maybe, but who cares. Words are powerful. Look at the bible. People die for words they read in there. I’m not one to judge about its validity. People make up their own minds. I am nobody to sway your opinion of something so revered. It’s just not my thing.

Here is some of my most loved phrases….

This is from a song from the movie “Waitress”. Not sure of the name of the song.

- “Your lips find joy in the most unusual places.”

From the show “Will and Grace”.

- “Lycra-covered spandex gym treat.”

From the movie called "The Good Year" with Russell Crowe.

- “The wine will whisper into your mouth with complete and unabashed honesty every time.”

From “Psych”.

- “Chicks dig the sternum bush.”

From “Juno”.

- “Take a whiff of these sparkling topnotes.” (when Juno is prompting Jason Bateman to smell a stolen squirt of his wife’s perfume).

An “Irish Toast” heard recently from a good friend.

- “May you live in heaven for a full half hour before the devil knows you’re dead.”

From “Will and Grace.”

- “The only reason to spend the night in a limo is because the drummer in your prom band dropped a Quaalude in your Fresca.”

From the book ‘The Pilot’s Wife’. For the life of me I can’t find the exact quote. It said something to this affect….I love it.

- “It’s an honor to carry someone’s tears in your pocket.” (when given a handkerchief to a friend in tears….and the person apologized for dirtying it when handing it back.)

Gosh….there are so many more…I used to have an archive of things I’ve written down to use in situations (giving credit where due, of course).

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