Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Let's get re-acquainted....with Dave Matthews Band

Dave Matthews Band was formed in 1991 and totals 5 members with many guest musicians. Several were already accomplished jazz musicians from around the Charlottesville, VA circuit. Throughout the years, the band became instant sensations, but with always tight ties to the original grassroots style of music. Combined with killer instrumental riffs, an unusual lead singers falsetto croon, and haunting melodies, this band is around for the ages. At times, Daves voice resembles the horns he features in his music. Have a listen. If you want to know more about the band, what their names are, who plays what, etc….then hit up ‘Annie Luvs DMB’ and one of her many friends….as she is the true DIE hard fan. I only know that I love their music.

Most of you are familiar with the regular Dave songs….Crash Into Me (one of my faves), Ants Marching, Best of What’s Around, etc….but here are a few songs that are a little LESS well known that I’ve found to be utterly beautiful. I’m no expert, but know what I like, and I LOVE DMB.

My experience with DMB is like this….the best analogy I can come up with is grasping hands with someone you are so compatible with that your hands melt together. Whether it is from pure lust, longevity, or from habit….your hands tingle the second they meet and all the butterflies rise to the surface and nothing else matters except you and that person. The fact is…your hands were meant to be together. The feeling you get grasping hands for the first time, that’s what DMB music feels like to me.

Please give it a listen, and don’t give up in the first 30 seconds….the great thing about DMB, is that the variety throughout the song is unmatched. Sometimes the song takes off in a new direction that is even better than the first leg of the journey.

The first song, Say Goodbye is rich on instrumental vibes. In fact, the first 1:25 seconds is mostly all playful flutes. I love it. The song encompasses total one-night-stand passion.

Take Steady As We Go….I like the album version as listed here, but the live version from the ‘Weekend on the Rocks’ album is exceptional. The first line is this. “I would walk half way around the world just to set down by your side. I would do most anything girl to be the apple of your eye.” Yes…the rhyming is somewhat corny, but it’s the melody that melts me completely.

Crush is self-explanatory. With the flats and the drunk feeling you get just listening to it. The video is just as sexy. Sex personified with notes and melodic ooze mixed with great phrases like ‘Lovely lady, let me drink you, please, I won’t spill a drop, no, I promise you.’ Or ‘And I wonder this….could tomorrow be so woundrous as you there sleeping.’‘

Two step is an amazing journey of cymbals, fiddles and plucking. And a great bunch of verses to boot.

Finally, Dreamgirl is the epitome of a voyeuristic romp as proven by this fun lyric, ‘I was feeling like a creep as I watched you asleep face down in the grass in the park in the middle of a hot afternoon. Your top was untied and I thought how nice it would be to follow the sweat down your spine.’ OH…but only Dave can sing it without being smarmy or stalkish. And the opening is fantastic. See earlier picture blog – music for the word “Ethereal.”

The musicians which comprise DMB are phenomenal and are known to jam in a song for 20 or 30 minutes and still maintain the integrity of the song in between. The musicianship of these men amaze me. Horns, Mandolins, Violins, different types of percussion, intricate piano solos. What can be greater?

Hope you’ve enjoyed the newest music lesson.

Live well with music. That’s my new motto.

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