Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Decompress with me....

This is a repost from my Myspace fall of 2007....

So this was my lunch yesterday....Let me set the scene...Decompress with me!..
I run to the car outside in the lot and grab my blanket to save my butt from the faded planks of an old wooden porch of our pole-barn type office. The covered porch makes for a nice comfortable lunch in the spring and these days of the fall.

I had heated my leftover spaghetti in the microwave before heading out here and I'm hoping the bees aren't going to bother me like they have the last few days. Something about late fall that makes them crazy! I'm not one of those neurotic girls that go crazy when a bee comes by them. I usually just mind my own business about it. If they get close, I swat away and kill if i get the chance. Why can't we all cohabitate peacefully? I take my first bite and realize it's not half bad so the rest of it goes down smoothly.....with a pepsi chaser. I have found it is definitely a challenge to eat spaghetti with your legs stretched out in front of you and no table (in a skirt no less). Funny, I guess I should be more worried about 'sitting like a lady' than how to eat spaghetti on a porch. However, I am NOT.

The breeze is nice, thankfully, because it is about 80 and kinda stuffy out. You'd think it was midsummer, but the crumbling dry leaves that are bumping and twitching across the faded asphalt lot gives the fall season away. Ahead of me is the ash tree that looks beautiful in all the seasons, but drops 'catkins' from its branches that is not always pretty. Not like the maples that have those whirligigs or even a nice pine cone. They drop these things that look like petrified squirrel excrement. Not pretty.

The left and right of the flagstone steps are large cement planters filled at the last minute with a hodgepodge assortment of multicolored mums, million belles, kale, etc. for the fall. They had been empty until last week because one of the designers didn't like the first ones one of the maintenance crews put in, but I guess empty pots for 3 months are better than ugly ones? Not sure about that. I do NOT agree.

After partaking in a nice little lunch, I have toasted up enough to take off my shoes and shrug and soak up some real rays. Now that it's fall, the sun reaches all the under the porch roof (kind of defeating the purpose of a covered porch for shade, huh?) I actually got some color yesterday! It took a few paragraphs of my book to get me back on track to what was happening; after all, it's only at lunch that I'm able to take the time to actually read.

The tired arborvitaes that flank the driveway to the office have seen better days and for a 10 million dollar landscape co., you'd think they'd think about replanting with something that looks nicer. I guess we put all our energies into our customers. At least the entrance is now presentable.



The only thing missing is tunes on my ipod, but I would have hated to miss the sounds that accompany this wonderful weather for the drum solo of an 80's hair band, but maybe instead a nice piano piece by Jim Brickman or the lull of Norah Jones would've been more appropriate. I take a mental note to tune up next time.

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